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Bubble wrap: many differences – many possibilities!

A lot has happened in this area since the development of bubble wrap by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. And all to provide you with the best possible protection for your goods. We have already reported on how the air gets into the cushions, today we want to look at the subtle differences […]

Paper quality and paper types at a glance – How to recognize good paper

Everything digital? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! We come into contact with paper everywhere. Newspapers, business cards, notes or menus – paper slips through our hands at every turn. But: What distinguishes good paper from bad? What types of paper are there? What are they suitable for?Questions about questions […]

What is Confectionery Packaging? How Should It Be?

What is Confectionery Packaging? What comes to our mind when we think of candy? Is it our childhood, holidays, or are they the guests of the little breaks we give ourselves during the day? Confectionery and chocolate products are not just food products. Although it has different names culturally all over the world, confectionery is […]

What is Coffee Packaging? What are the Features?

Coffee has an indispensable place in our society and daily life. The sweet smell of coffee, which is among our daily routines and adds joy to our enjoyment. coffee packaging Did you know that it reached us thanks to its quality? Isn’t the sweet smell that comes to your nose when you take a sip […]

What is Powder Food Packaging?

What is Powder Food? In the developing and changing world, fast food consumption is increasing considerably. People who spend most of the day working have increased their interest in powdered foods and beverages. powdered foods These are foods and drinks that can be prepared quickly, in 10-15 minutes at the latest. With these important features, […]

What is Beverage Packaging?

What is Beverage Packaging? All packaging, especially beverage packaging, is a factor that primarily affects the consumer’s perception of quality, brand and value about a product. The primary task of beverage packaging is to deliver manufacturers’ products to consumers or wholesale markets safely, preventing damage. Beverage packaging must be tamper-proof, packaged completely and without errors, […]

Choosing a Packaging Company Suitable for Your Brand

Choosing the right packaging and packaging company is very important for manufacturers. The selected packaging is the most important element that will affect the shelf life of the product and the originality and reliability of the manufacturer’s brand. Choosing the right packaging It not only affects the attractiveness of the product, but also prevents any […]

What is Dry Food Packaging? How Should It Be?

What is Dry Food Packaging? How Should It Be? As with other food packaging types, dry food packaging protects the product at every stage. Dry food packaging must protect the products throughout their time from production to the end user. The most important factor in ensuring this protection is healthy and long-lasting is, of course, […]

Why is Chocolate Packaging Important?

Why is Chocolate Packaging Important? chocolate packaging The first reason why it is important is; Chocolate reacts quickly with heat and melts. If the chocolate melts and interacts with the outside, this may cause undesirable results. Chocolate like other confectionery packaging should also be produced with the same importance because they are in the category […]

What is Snack Product Packaging?

Packaging; While it protects the product from its journey from the production area to the end consumer, it also conveys basic product information to the consumer in the best possible way. Correct packaging is different for each industry and product group. All details, from visual design to the materials to be chosen in production, must […]