What is Confectionery Packaging? How Should It Be?

confectionery packaging

What is Confectionery Packaging?

What comes to our mind when we think of candy? Is it our childhood, holidays, or are they the guests of the little breaks we give ourselves during the day? Confectionery and chocolate products are not just food products. Although it has different names culturally all over the world, confectionery is a treat product of various ceremonies such as holidays and weddings, where people share their happiness. Isn’t it obvious that we don’t buy these products, with which we have such a meaningful and emotional bond, just for their taste?

So how do we decide when purchasing?

When we consider children, who are the age group that consumes candies the most, it is quite difficult to attract their attention. The design of the confectionery packaging is very important at this point. Kids love packaging with cartoon characters, creative illustrations, and vibrant colors. What about parents? For them, in addition to the quality of the packaging, information such as the production conditions of the confectionery, the amount of calories and the ingredients it contains are much more important. Therefore, a confectionery manufacturer should prefer a packaging design that is eye-catching as well as containing transparent information about its product.

Confectionery Packaging Design Examples

These packages have a pre-cut hole suitable for hanging. In this way, it can be displayed on the shelves more impressively at customers’ eye level. It often appears in retail and outlets.

It gets its name from its pillow shape. It is displayed on the flat shelves of markets.

It is a package that lies flatter when empty or with little product inside, but as the number of candies inside increases, it opens from the margins on the edges and gains volume. The mouths of these packages can be stapled, taped, or heat sealed.

  • Reclosable Zipper Packs

These packages can be closed again with the same care after being opened, preventing the candy from going stale. It also helps customers with portion control. They do not need to consume the products as soon as they open the package.

In addition to all these package designs, it is very important to follow the trends in packaging industry technologies. Especially for confectionery products, packages with small windows are an option that inspires confidence for customers. There can be no more natural outcome for a customer who sees the content of the product and witnesses the harmony of the confectionery with its packaging design than purchasing the confectionery.

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