What is Beverage Packaging?

Beverage Packaging

What is Beverage Packaging?

All packaging, especially beverage packaging, is a factor that primarily affects the consumer’s perception of quality, brand and value about a product. The primary task of beverage packaging is to deliver manufacturers’ products to consumers or wholesale markets safely, preventing damage. Beverage packaging must be tamper-proof, packaged completely and without errors, and resistant to any problems that may be encountered along the way, such as explosions and spills.
For food products, packaging is a factor that can directly affect the shelf life and taste of the product. The use of chemicals that are not suitable for food in beverage packaging will negatively affect the product for a packaging profile that comes into direct contact with food. We Divan Packaging As a company, we show the same care for food as we do for all packaging profiles, and produce beverage and food packaging in accordance with the production and certification permits of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for products in contact with food, and with production techniques that do not use solvents during lamination.
The use of correct packaging is a factor that makes beverage products stand out at first glance among their competitors, as is the case with all products in today’s competitive market. Every detail must be carefully designed, from the vibrant design of the packaging that stands out when viewed from afar, to the texture it feels when handled, and the easy-to-read font of the text containing product information.

Beverage Packaging Prepress Processes

Divan Packaging As, together with our expert graphics team, we support your computerized design processes with the latest graphic software and help you with your reproductions and design changes. We are at your side with customer-oriented technical support and color management during the printing process of your designs. With Xrite i1 pro screen calibration devices, we enable you to view your beverage packaging before printing with colors closest to the print.
While we meticulously respond to our customers’ requests in all these production processes, we take care to use sustainable materials and production techniques that do not harm the nature. In these days when consumption is rapidly increasing, we provide all the necessary measures from the design stage to production in order to prevent pollution, reduce waste, separate waste correctly at the source and minimize the damage to the environment. We are carrying out the work.

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