Yogurt Packaging Wholesale

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Yogurt Packaging Solutions

Discover our wide range of yogurt packaging options designed to meet the diverse needs of the dairy industry. We specialize in providing innovative and sustainable yogurt packaging solutions in various sizes and designs.

High-Quality Yogurt Packaging for Turkish and Greek Delights

Our containers are specifically tailored to preserve the freshness and taste of Turkish and Greek yogurt. We offer a range of packaged solutions, including eco-friendly, BPA-Free, and biodegradable options made from materials like plastic (PP) that are both freezeable and suitable for frozen yogurt.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Materials

Our eco-friendly yogurt packaging is crafted with the environment in mind. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials that are recyclable, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your products fresh and appealing.

Custom Yogurt Containers to Promote Your Brand

Stand out from the competition with our custom yogurt packaging options. We offer a range of customizable features, including custom colors, branded with your logo, and various sizes to suit your specific needs. Our attention to detail ensures that your products make a memorable impression.

Yogurt Packaging Sizes and Materials
Sizes Materials
12 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 85 oz, 5-gallon any size Plastic (PP), Cardboard

Convenient and Reusable Yogurt Packaging Solutions

Our products are designed for convenience and ease of use. From yogurt-to-go containers with attached spoons to reusable options, we provide practical solutions that make it effortless for your customers to enjoy their favorite yogurt on the go.

Wholesale Yogurt Packaging Suppliers for Bulk Orders

As a trusted wholesale yogurt packaging supplier, we cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need large quantities of custom yogurt cups, small boxes for mini servings, or specialized packs for dairy products, we have the expertise and capacity to meet your wholesale requirements.

Experience the best in our product design and functionality. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and explore our wide range of high-quality solutions.

Coffee & Milkshake Cups

CV95450: 15oz Cup & Spoon Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

D400: One Pint Plastic Yogurt Container

Yogurt Packaging Containers

D645: 22 oz Plastic Dome Lid Food Container

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK75: Ø75 Aluminium Foil Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK95: Ø95 Aluminium Foil Lid

Cheese Packaging Container

DKF1202: 40 oz Tub & Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

DKK 700: Rectangular Plastic Container with Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

DKK10500: 3 Gallon Squre Yogurt Bucket

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DKK1200: 38 Oz Rectangular Yogurt Container

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DKK1205: 40 oz Tub & Lid