Divan Packaging Co. is a young and dynamic company which was founded on 2010.   We have been supplying high-toned rigid plastic packaging products and services by the help of our professional team and knowledge base of high-end production technologies…

We can decorate our products with IML, ofset or shrink sleeve techniques in our 6000 m² facility.  We proudly express that we’ve been preferred by our customers because of the company’s customer oriented look on each point of the service process.

We are doing our best to match customer requirements within the most ideal conditions of service and production.  We know your requirements and improve our infrastructure by our proprietary interest to serve you better.

As Divan Packaging Co.,  the biggest target of the company is conversion of our dialogues to friendships, value productions with friends and serving these values to the industry.  On the way of serving, doubtlessly the best assistants are our principles and industriousness.