Crystal Clear Transparent Buckets with Lids

Wholesale Supplier of Clear Plastic Buckets with Lids

Looking for clear buckets with lids? We offer a wide selection of clear plastic pails with lids wholesale to meet your packaging needs. Whether you require clear 5-gallon buckets or smaller sizes like 4-gallon and 3-gallon, we have you covered.

Our products are made from durable polypropylene (PP) material, ensuring strength and longevity. With their crystal clear design, these products provide excellent visibility for showcasing your products. The transparent buckets are perfect for various applications such as paint storage, food packaging, ice storage, wine fermentation, oil containers, and more.

Quality Clear Buckets at Wholesale Prices

Our clear plastic buckets come with tamper-evident lids to guarantee product integrity and security. The lids are designed to provide a tight seal, keeping your contents fresh and protected. Additionally, our buckets are BPA-Free for safe and worry-free use.

As a leading plastic pail manufacturer and supplier, we offer bulk quantities of pails with handles at competitive prices. We cater to customers in Chicago and surrounding areas, but we also ship nationwide. With our large and small clear bucket options, you can find the perfect size to suit your needs.

Choose our clear buckets with lids for their durability, storage capabilities, and stackability. Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer, or a savvy shopper, our clear buckets are available for sale and ready to be purchased.

All Food Grade Buckets with Lids Custom Printed Options
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Clear Buckets with Lids

DYK1501: 50 oz Bucket & Lid

Clear Buckets with Lids

DYK1600: 54 oz Bucket & Lid

Clear Buckets with Lids

DYK500: 16 oz Mini Pail with Lid