Wholesale Butter & Margarine Packaging

High-Quality Containers for Fresh Products

Discover our extensive range of butter packages and packaging solutions designed to keep your dairy products fresh and flavorful. Our butter containers are crafted with precision to meet the highest industry standards.

Convenient Storage and Protection

Our options are perfect for dairy and milk products, providing convenient storage and optimal protection. Each container comes with a secure lid to keep your products fresh and free from contaminants.

Customization and Branding

Elevate your brand with our custom logo and custom printed food packaging options. Stand out in the market with packaging that reflects your unique identity and enhances product visibility.

Reliable and Durable Materials

Our butter and margarine packaging is made from high-quality, plastic materials such as PP (polypropylene), ensuring durability, health safety, and BPA-Free properties. These containers are designed to withstand refrigeration, maintaining the freshness of your products.

Various Sizes and Styles

Choose from a wide range of sizes and styles, including butter tubs, margarine tubs, and small margarine tubs. Our containers are versatile and can also be used for other applications such as body butter packaging or as serving dishes.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our package solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality containers that meet your specific requirements.

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

D1000: 32 oz Tub & Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK75: Ø75 Aluminium Foil Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK95: Ø95 Aluminium Foil Lid

Sour Cream Containers

DKF300: 300ml Tub & Lid

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

DKF500: 16 oz Butter Dish with Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DKK1200: 38 Oz Rectangular Yogurt Container

Packaging for Cookies

DKK3010: 3000ml Tub & Lid

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

DKK602: 20 oz Tub & Lid

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

DÖK1201: 38 oz Special Butter Packaging Container with Lid

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

DÖK990: 32 oz Pail & Lid