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What is FTL

The FTL (Full Truck Load) concept is used for transportation where the truck’s load capacity is fully filled and it carries a single load. The Turkish equivalent of this is complete load.

Complete load transportation is very comfortable for both the driver, the transportation company owner and the employer. In this way, for the transport company owner, e.g. Additional costs incurred as a result of notice, invoicing and waiting times during loading and unloading of cargo are not incurred. The driver spends less time on operations such as loading and unloading the load and ensuring the safety of the loaded load. It also brings the following advantage for the employer: FTL constitutes the fastest transportation option to transport the load to be transported directly from the loading point to the recipient, without any transfer.

The opposite of FTL is partial load, also known as LTL (Less Than Truckload). A full container is called FCL (Full Container Load). In railway transportation, the term wagon load is used.

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