Logistics 4.0

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What is Logistics 4.0

Logistics 4.0 involves the latest logistics technology, including applications such as networking, digitalization and Cloud computing systems. This also means that the task of the logistician no longer includes only transportation work, as it used to do; Functions and intercompany coordination functions of the entire supply chain are now also taken into account.

Meaning of the term

The term Logistics 4.0 was inspired by the term Industrie 4.0, which first came to the fore at the 2011 Hannover International Commercial Vehicles Fair. Based on this, we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. The first occurred with the use of steam power, the second with the use of electrical energy and factory belts. The third industrial revolution – also known as the digital revolution – occurred with the transition to automation in production and, for example, the introduction of control units with programmable memory.

Logistics 4.0 takes this trend even further by taking advantage of the latest computing and communication technologies. Thanks to intelligently and digitally networked systems, people, machines, plants, logistics and production can communicate directly with each other. By integrating logistics into the supply chain as early as possible, on-time production optimization is achieved. In addition, more reliable planning assurance, better use of fleet capacities and shorter waiting times at loading points are achieved for shippers.

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