Durable and Food Grade Bucket & Pail

Divan Ambalaj is a plastic packaging manufacturer and wholesaler.
It specializes in plastic buckets and lids with years of experience.
Our plastic buckets are mostly produced from PP (Polypropylene) raw material and are food grade. All our plastic buckets have a sealed ziplock lid. Optionally, we produce our buckets with handles.
We have a wide range of products, from 1/2 gallon pails to 5 gallon pails and lids.
If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you can reach us from info@divanambalaj.com or the buttons on the right and left.

Spread Chocolate

DOK1301: 1300CC Tub & Lid

Mayonnaise & Ketchup

DYK10000: 3 Gallon Pail & Lid

Detergent Powder

DYK1001: 32 oz Pail & Lid

Yogurt Containers

DYK1184: 1100ml Bucket & Lid

Hookah Tobacco Containers

DYK1185: 1100ml Pail & Lid

Butter & Margarine

DYK1185: 1100CC Bucket & Lid

Butter & Margarine

DYK1185: 32 oz Bucket & Lid

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