DKK350: 12oz PP IML Bowl & Lid


Ideal for storing or serving small amounts of beverages or food.
Variety: These types of containers are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. They can be square, rectangular or round in shape and come with different types of lids.
With Lid: Most 12oz plastic containers come with a sealing lid. These lids are useful for keeping contents fresh and reducing the risk of spills or leaks during transport.
Eco-Friendly Options: Some 12oz plastic containers may be made from recyclable or eco-friendly plastics. This can contribute to reducing plastic waste.
Durability: Plastic containers are generally durable, can be used for years, and are resistant to breakage.
Cleaning: Plastic containers are generally dishwasher safe, making them easier to clean.
12oz plastic containers are generally known as conveniently sized and useful containers that can be used for multiple purposes. They are widely preferred for storing sauces, grains, nuts or other food items.

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