Premium Frozen Yogurt Cups Wholesale

Discover the finest selection of frozen yogurt packaging solutions at Divan Packaging. We specialize in providing top-quality frozen yogurt cups wholesale to businesses across the US, UK, and Australia.

Versatile Cup Options

Our extensive range includes paper and plastic cups with and without lids, available in both round and square shapes. Whether you need a simple yet eco-friendly recyclable cup or a sturdy PP container, we have the perfect fit for your needs.

Exceptional Freezing Compatibility

Our frozen yogurt cups are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, making them -40°F and -40°C suitable. Rest assured that your frozen treats will remain at their best, whether you’re serving in sweltering heat or freezing cold.

Customization at Its Best

Stand out from the competition with our custom printed cups. Add your branding, logo, or unique design to create a memorable experience for your customers. We offer the best in customization options to enhance your brand’s visibility.

Durability Meets Health Standards

Our cups are not only durable but also designed with your health and the environment in mind. They are crafted to meet the highest health and safety standards, ensuring that your frozen yogurt is enjoyed in the best possible way.

Choose Divan Packaging for all your frozen yogurt cups wholesale needs. With our commitment to quality, exceptional freezing compatibility, and customization options, we are your trusted partner in delivering the best packaging for your frozen yogurt products.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and let us provide you with the ideal packaging solution.

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CV95450: 15oz Cup & Spoon Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK75: Ø75 Aluminium Foil Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

DAK95: Ø95 Aluminium Foil Lid

Ice Cream Containers

DKK125: 125ml Tub & Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

DKK503: One Pint Square Ice Cream Container


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DX002: 150ml Ice Cream Cup

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DYF260: 9oz Round Cup with Lid

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DYF850: 28 oz Cup with Lid