Square & Rectangular Containers: Wholesale Plastic Containers with Customizable Options

Explore Our Wide Selection of Square Plastic Containers for Bulk Storage

Find the perfect food-grade plastic containers in various sizes, including 8 oz and 64 oz, for all your storage needs. Our microwave-safe polypropylene (PP) containers are healthy and BPA-free, ensuring safe food storage. Choose from white or black containers and customize with your logo or printed design.

Durable and Convenient Plastic Storage Solutions

Our square and rectangular containers are recyclable and dishwasher safe, making them ideal for everyday use. With airtight lids, these containers provide secure and leak-proof storage. Whether you need cheap storage options or high-quality plastic packaging for your products, we have the best solutions for you.

Peanut Butter Containers

D1000: 32 oz Container & Lid

Butter & Margarine Packaging Containers

D1000: 32 oz Tub & Lid

Food Packaging Products

D280: 8 oz Clear Tub & Lid

Cream Cheese Containers

D280: 8 Oz Cream Container

Sauce Container with Lid

D280: 8 oz Custom Hummus Packaging

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

D280: 8 Oz Rectangular Clear Container with Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

D280: 8 oz Tray & Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

D280: 8 oz Tub & Lid

Yogurt Packaging Containers

D645: 22 oz Plastic Dome Lid Food Container

Cheese Packaging Container

DKF1000: 32 oz Tub & Lid

Bulk Square & Rectangular Containers

DKF1001: 32 oz Plastic Deli Container with Lid

Cheese Packaging Container

DKF1201: 40 oz Rectangular Tub & Lid