DG500: 17oz Clay Pot Bowl and Lid

Wholesale Clay Pot

The “17oz Pottery Bowl and Lid” product is produced using quality clay pot material. This special pottery bowl is an ideal option for presenting yoghurt, desserts and other delicious foods. It is suitable for both individual consumption and wholesale purchases.
The clay bowl, with its natural clay properties, allows you to preserve the taste of your yoghurt and desserts. This bowl, which you can choose for a healthy and natural presentation, is also frequently used in traditional cuisines.
This product contains casserole dishes, each with a plastic lid. Lids help you maintain the freshness and hygiene of the contents. Additionally, the clamshell design prevents leaks or spills during transportation.
Available in 17oz size, the pottery bowl has a volume to suit your needs. You can portion different flavors or prepare a single portion. It is an ideal option for both home use and businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.
The prices of these casserole dishes are affordable and it is advantageous for wholesale purchases. You can purchase in bulk to meet your business needs. You can also choose these containers to preserve your home-made yoghurt and desserts.
This pottery bowl, which has features such as natural clay pot, plastic lid, lidded and casserole pots, provides an aesthetic presentation and keeps your contents fresh. You can store your yoghurt and desserts in a healthy and practical way.
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