DPAP16oz: 16oz Paper Soup Bowl with Lid

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Paper Food Packaging

The 16oz Paper Soup Bowl with Lid is a convenient and disposable container designed for serving soup, stews, and other similar hot beverages. It is made from high-quality paper material that is sturdy enough to hold hot liquids without leaking or breaking. The lid is made of clear plastic and is designed to provide a tight fit, ensuring that the contents of the bowl remain hot and secure during transportation or storage. The lid also helps to prevent spills and splashes, making this container ideal for takeout, delivery, or outdoor dining. The large 16oz capacity provides ample space for a generous serving of soup or stew, and the bowl’s classic design is suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re running a food truck, café, or hosting an event, the 16oz Paper Soup Bowl with Lid is an essential item for serving hot beverages.

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