What is a Clay Pot and Vessel?


A clay casserole dish is a closed clay pot usually used for cooking and fermenting yogurt. This vessel is mostly made with hand mills, using red clay and water. The clay casserole is used for cooking food and helps to preserve the moisture content of the food, making it more flavorful. Using these pots also reduces the risk of food burning during cooking. The clay casserole is a kitchen tool that has been in use since time immemorial and is still popularly used.

What are Casseroles Used For?

Clay casseroles are mostly used for cooking. They are especially popular for cooking meat and vegetable dishes. However, desserts and other dishes can also be cooked in

thick clay pot. Thanks to their natural structure, the moisture of the products placed inside is preserved and the dishes become more delicious.

They are also frequently used as yogurt pots as they provide favorable conditions for natural bacteria to breed rapidly during yogurt fermentation.

They can also be used to make rice pudding for dessert. Casseroles keep the rice pudding cool and slightly moist, allowing you to get a more natural and delicious rice pudding than plastic or aluminum containers.

For these reasons, casserole dishes are a very popular tool in everyday life.

How to Produce Clay Vessel and Casseroles?

Here is the answer to the question of how to produce clay casseroles step by step:

1. First, a dough is made by mixing red clay and water. The dough is mixed in hand mills with bare hands until it is well kneaded.

2. The dough is beaten or shaped by hand until it takes the familiar casserole shape.

3. The shaped dough is left to dry for a few days. The dried dough is filled with water and left to stand for a few hours. This moistens the inner surface of the dough.

4. The roughness on the surface of the dried and then moistened thick clay pot is sanded down, any protrusions are sharpend, and it is shaped into its final form.

5. In the final step, the clay pot is fired at high temperatures. This removes all the moisture from the pot and makes it more durable.

By following these steps, clay casserole can be produced.

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How to Clean a Clay Pot?

Cleaning a thick clay pot is relatively easy, but it does require some care. Here are some steps you can follow to clean:

  1. First, rinse the pot with warm water to remove any loose food particles or dirt.
  2. Fill the pot with warm water and add a small amount of mild dish soap.
  3. Scrub the inside of the pot with a soft sponge or brush to remove any stuck-on food or stains. Be sure to scrub gently to avoid damaging the pot.
  4. Rinse the pot thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of soap.
  5. Dry the pot completely with a clean, dry cloth or towel.
  6. If the pot is very dirty or has been used to cook acidic foods such as tomato sauce, you may need to soak the pot in a mixture of warm water and baking soda for a few hours before scrubbing. This will help to loosen any stubborn stains or odors.
  7. Avoid using abrasive sponges or harsh cleaning chemicals on the pot, as these can damage the surface.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean your clay pot and keep it in good condition.

Things to Consider During the First Use of Clay Pot?

Some points to be considered during the first use of clay pot rice pudding, meat and yogurt casseroles are as follows:

  • – During the first use of the casserole dish, the inner surface should be moistened. This process prevents the formation of cracks on the inner surface of the casserole and makes the casserole usable for longer.
  • – When placing products in the casserole, the amount of food, rice pudding or yogurt should be adjusted according to the size of the casserole. Food may not cook well in an overfilled casserole.
  • – When cooking in a casserole, it should not be placed directly on the fire. First, heat the casserole in a saucepan and then continue cooking.
  • – Once you have finished cooking, the casserole should be allowed to cool. Cracks may appear if it is cooled suddenly.

By paying attention to these points, it can be used smoothly during the first use.

Where to Buy Clay Pots for Cooking and Yogurt?

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