For the Best Packaging Design: Eye Tracking

eye tracking packaging desing

Packaging design with Eye Tracking is a method of studying how people look at, process and react to packaging designs. Eye tracking technology is used to measure and track the eye movements of participants as they view a packaging design, and the data gathered can be used to inform and optimize a brand’s packaging design for maximum visibility, impact and engagement. This process can help a brand better understand consumer preferences and create packaging designs that will have higher convertibility, impact and overall success at the point of purchase.

How to Design a Packaging with Eye Tracking?

  1. Start by conducting eye tracking tests to understand user gaze patterns and product visibility. This will help you determine where people are looking on the packaging and which elements they are most focused on.
  2. Consider implementing visual design and structure principles to draw attention to important elements, such as placement of a logo or any other key graphics and text.
  3. Use color psychologically to make sure vital information stands out. For example, use contrasting colors or lighter colors on important points.
  4. Strategically place content and visuals on your package design to maximize its visibility. This could include placing content near corners, at the top/bottom of the package, or near larger visuals.
  5. Incorporate motion or animation in the package design to draw people’s attention.
  6. Include interactive elements such as QR codes or augmented reality that can capture people’s attention and engage them.
packaging design with eye tracking

What are the Advantages of Packaging Design with Eye Tracking?

  1. Improved Usability: Eye tracking can help identify areas of user confusion and quickly highlight where improvements can be made to packaging design in order to improve usability.
  2. Increased Engagement: Eye tracking can provide insight into which aspects of the packaging designs are most engaging, allowing companies to optimize design elements for greater customer engagement.
  3. Enhanced Brand Recognition: Eye tracking can reveal which parts of the packaging are the most memorable and lend to enhanced brand recognition.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: Eye tracking can identify areas of customer friction and breakdowns during the shopping process that can be improved to enhance the overall customer experience.
  5.  Reduced Costs: With eye tracking, companies can reduce the costs associated with testing and revising packaging designs by identifying problems before they reach the production stage.

By gaining insight into their customer’s journey through product packaging design, marketers can make adjustments and create effective designs that stand out on shelves, capture attention, and leave a lasting impression on customers.

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We recommend using Eye Tracking when designing your packaging.

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