DKK700: Rectangular Plastic Container with Lid

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High Quality and Customizable Cap

Capacity: This container has a storage capacity that can fit 24 oz of liquid or solid material.
Shape: The container has a rectangular shape. The rectangular structure is convenient for organizing and stacking storage space.
Lid: These types of containers usually come with lids that can close tightly. The lid keeps the contents inside fresh and protects it from spills or external factors.
Material: The container is made of plastic material. Plastic is a material that is durable, lightweight and easy to clean.
Usage areas
These types of containers are used for food storage, organization and events. They are 24 oz and can be filled with liquid or solid products with a lid. It can be used to meet storage needs in the kitchen, office, hobby areas and many areas. Halva, yoghurt, etc. It is perfect for storing products.

Customizable and Food Compatible

Our product can be designed as printed and customizable with IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology. Food safety and quality is our priority; Therefore, the rectangular container is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP) material.


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