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Divan Packaging is a manufacturer of plastic and cardboard pint size containers. We have an office in Chicago. Plastic pint size ice cream, deli to go containers are the main packaging we produce.

Our wholesale plastic pint container is the perfect solution for storing liquids, snacks, ice cream, to go and other food items. It is made of durable, food-grade polypropylene that is BPA-free and provides leak-proof sealing performance. With a maximum capacity of 16oz, this containers can hold a variety of food items and liquids, making it ideal for commercial use in restaurants, catering businesses, or any other business that needs to store food. It’s stackable, meaning it can be stored and transported easily, taking up minimal shelf or counter space. The pint container is also microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe, making it a great all-around storage solution.

We have half, 1-2 pint and larger container and cups. Click here to see all our products. Our containers are suitable for the freezer.

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D400: Ice Cream Pint Container

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