D400: 1 Pint Custom Snacks Container

Product Data Sheet

This product is specially designed for our customers who want to buy and export wholesale plastic dregees box, snack pack, plastic chocolate box packaging with lids from a plastic packaging manufacturer.

Divan Packaging manufactures and exports disposable BPA free, food grade, eco friendly plastic packaging from Turkey.

Divan Packaging have ISO certificates

D400 16 oz pint container ( plastic cup with lid) can easily be customized by the followings which you should take into your consideration:

  • IML Customization:  Tub and lid can be customized with the printing.  Your printing artwork takes place on a label (IML) with a photo realistic printing quality.  If you want your customers to see your product in the tub, no worry, it’s also possible to use transparent IML materials and let them see by creating windows in your artwork.  To get more information about IML (in mold labeling) you may click here.
  • Color Customization:  You can select the colors!  Tub’s color or lid’s color can be another option of customizing.

By the help of customization, create a visual feast for your customers!

D400 (16 oz tub & lid) (iml cups) is still sturdy with very low temperatures such as -40°C.



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