D280: 8 oz Deli Containers with Lids

8 oz Deli Containers

The 8 oz Deli Container is a versatile and convenient solution for storing and transporting a variety of foods. Perfect for both home and commercial use, these containers are ideal for serving appetizers, taking food to-go, or storing leftovers.

Made of high-quality plastic and available in bulk, these containers are an affordable option for those in need of an efficient and practical food storage solution. With secure lids, the 8 oz Deli Container ensures that your food stays fresh and secure, making them perfect for use in a deli, take away restaurant, or at home. So whether you’re looking for a way to store and transport your food or simply want a reliable container for your leftovers, the 8 oz Deli Container is the perfect solution.

Our Products are Microwave Compatible.

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