DG250: 8oz Rice Pudding Casserole Container and Lid

“Rice Pudding Casserole” is a casserole product obtained using special soil and clay materials. This clay rice pudding bowl is specially designed for dessert lovers. It is suitable for both individual consumption and wholesale purchases.
Rice pudding bowl is a product that preserves the traditional taste. It is placed in a single bowl with a size of 8oz. There is a plastic lid on each casserole, thus ensuring freshness and hygiene.
This product is offered in packs of 6. The set of 6 is both practical and ideal to meet your dessert needs. With its small size, it can be easily transported and served.

Rice Pudding Casserole Prices

The price of this product is quite affordable and it is advantageous for wholesale purchases. You can use this delicious dessert in restaurants, cafes, bakeries or other food establishments. It can also be preferred for special invitations or family gatherings at home. Contact us to get a price.
This casserole, which you can use as a rice pudding container, will add elegance to your presentation. It is an option that is both eye-catching with its appearance and delights the palate with its taste. Thanks to the special material, this clay pot keeps the dessert warm for longer while preserving its flavor.
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