DYF031: 1 oz Hinged Lid Sauce Container

Mini Sauce Containers

Our 1 oz Sauce Containers with hinged lids are the perfect solution for businesses in the food industry looking for high-quality storage options for sauces and condiments. Made of durable polypropylene, these containers are suitable for a variety of environments, including restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses. These sauce containers are microwavable and come in bulk quantities, making them a practical and affordable option.

The hinged lid design ensures that the container is leak-proof and secure, keeping your sauces and condiments fresh and free from contamination. These small sauce containers are easy to stack and store, helping you to save space in your kitchen or storage area. The compact size of these mini sauce containers makes them ideal for takeout orders or packed lunches, ensuring that customers can enjoy their favorite condiments on-the-go.
Order these hinged lid containers in bulk and enjoy the convenience of having a reliable and high-quality storage solution for your sauces and condiments.
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