What Do Divan Packaging Product Codes Mean? How Are They Coded?

As you can see on our site, each of our products has a code. For example DYK200 or DÖK600. Did you know that each of these codes has a meaning that will make your job easier? Let’s examine the meanings of our codes.

What do the letters and numbers in our product codes mean?

When examining our products, you should consider the following points in order to have more information.

1. The letter “D” at the beginning of all of our codes represents Divan Ambalaj.

2. In the 2nd letters of our codes, there is one of the phrases K, Y, Ö. These have the following meanings, respectively:

K: Square or Rectangular,

Y: Round

O: Special Shape (oval, hexagon, … etc.).

3. In the 3rd letters of our codes, there is one of the phrases K and F. These; K: Lockable (Tamper Evident), F: Foilable.

4. The numeric expression after the letters indicates the volume of the product.

PS:  Sometimes you may encounter codes such as DX400 that do not fit this description. These are derived codes for our products that do not fit the general definition above.

E.G; The letter “Y” in the DYK500 expression indicates that the product is ROUND and the letter “K” indicates that it has a security lock (Tamper Evident) (The security lock ensures the end consumer to be the first to open the related container). The numerical expression (“500”) in our product code refers to the volume of the product (it is 17oz).


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