DG750: 25oz Clay Pot & Lid


  1. Material: Earthenware casseroles are made from clay or ceramics. These methods help even out the heat while cooking your food, distributing it and breaking it down in some way.
  2. Cooking Method: Clay casseroles are especially ideal for slow cooking and stews. They are used for displays or on the stove. It helps to thoroughly mix and intensify the flavors in the dishes.
  3. Areas of Use: Clay can be used to cook casseroles, meat dishes, chicken dishes, vegetable dishes, rice and many other dishes. They are especially preferred for traditional dishes.
  4. Heat Distribution: Earthenware casseroles allow heat to be distributed evenly, which helps your food cook more evenly. It also keeps the food juicy and delicious.
  5. Service: After the meal is cooked, the earthenware casserole can be brought to the table hot and served directly. It is also intended to be served in a casserole or to present the dish beautifully.
  6. Care: You can use hot water and mild soap to clean earthenware casseroles. However, excessively hot water or extreme temperature changes should be avoided as this can cause cracks. Additionally, air drying or low-temperature distribution drying is recommended for drying earthenware casseroles.
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