DYK650: 22 oz Round Plastic Container with Lid

High Quality and Customizable Cap

22 oz capacity round plastic containers with lids are a widely preferred type of plastic containers generally used for food storage, transportation and organizational purposes.

Product Description and Usage Areas

Kitchen: Plastic round containers are ideal for storing food. They can be used specifically to preserve ingredients such as grains, flour, sugar, pasta, nuts, oils, and spices.
Restaurant and cafe establishments: These containers are suitable for storing ingredients, especially in kitchens, for use in restaurants, cafes and other food establishments.
Home Organization: Plastic containers can be used to maintain order at home and store items neatly. These containers can be used to organize clothes, toys, cleaning supplies and more.
Office: It can help keep items such as office supplies, paper products, and stationery in an orderly and hygienic manner.
Industrial Use: In industrial production or storage areas, 650 ml plastic containers can be used for the safe storage of materials such as chemicals, paint, solvents, oils.

Customizable and Food Compatible

Our product can be designed as printed and customizable with IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology. Food safety and quality is our priority; Therefore, the rectangular container is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP) material.
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