D400: 16 oz Tobacco Storage Containers

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If you are someone who enjoys indulging in tobacco products or dry herbs, you know how important it is to keep them fresh and in good condition. That’s where our 16 oz Tobacco Storage Containers come in handy.
Tobacco Storage Box: Our storage containers are specifically designed for storing tobacco products like chewing tobacco, hookah, and dry herbs. With a capacity of 16 oz, they provide ample space to store your tobacco products without the risk of spoilage.
From Turkey: Our tobacco storage containers are imported all the way from Turkey, known for its rich history and expertise in tobacco products. You can be assured of the quality and durability of our products.
Tobacco Jar: Our containers can also double up as a tobacco jar, providing a convenient pocket-friendly option to carry your tobacco products around.
Bulk and Wholesale: Are you a retailer or someone who needs to buy in bulk? Our tobacco storage containers are available in bulk and wholesale quantities, making it easier and more affordable to stock up on them.
Custom Logo and Branded: Our containers can also be customized with your brand logo, making them a great promotional item for your business. They are available in a range of colorful options, making them an attractive item for your customers.
In conclusion, our 16 oz Tobacco Storage Containers are a must-have for anyone who enjoys tobacco products or dry herbs. With their high-quality construction, tamper-evident lid, and customization options, they are a great investment for both personal and business use.
  • IML Customization:  Tub and lid can be customized with the printing.  Your printing artwork takes place on a label (IML) with a photo realistic printing quality.  If you want your customers to see your product in the tub, no worry, it’s also possible to use transparent IML materials and let them see by creating windows in your artwork.  To get more information about IML (in mold labeling) you may click here.
  • Color Customization:  You can select the colors!  Tub’s color or lid’s color can be another option of customizing.

By the help of customization, create a visual feast for your customers to get brand awareness!


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