Plastic Labneh Containers

Divan Packaging is a plastic container manufacturer and specializes in the production of plastic labneh containers.
Square packs, round packs, rectangular packs, and custom-shaped packs are leakproof and resistant down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Our plastic food packages are made of PP (Polypropylene) raw material and are food grade packaging. It has ISO quality certificates. BPA free.
We have a wide range of volumes from 4 Oz to 5 Gallons.
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Butter Packaging Containers

DKF500: 16 oz Butter Dish with Lid

Special Category

DX220L: Ø95 Lid with Spoon

Cream Cheese Containers

DYF125: 125ml Cup

Cream Cheese Containers

DYF201: Round 7 oz Container with Lid

Yogurt Containers

DYF850: 28 oz Cup with Lid

Tamper Evident Round Containers

DYK2500: 85 oz Bucket & Lid with Handle

Tamper Evident Round Containers

DYK2502: 85 oz Bucket & Lid

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