DYK225: 7oz Plastic Round Conatiners with Lid

Quality and Special System Cover

7oz capacity round plastic containers with lids are a widely preferred type of plastic containers, often used for storage, transportation and organizational purposes.

Product Description and Usage Areas

Capacity: These containers are designed to hold approximately 7oz of liquids or other materials. This makes them ideal for storing small quantities of items such as spices, sauces, leftovers, or similar materials.
Material: Typically, these containers are made from durable and lightweight plastic materials. Plastic is easy to handle and clean, making it a convenient choice for storage.
Lid Design: Round containers come with lids that provide an airtight seal, helping to keep the contents fresh. The lids can be screw-on, snap-on, or clip-on, and you can find different models to suit your preferences.
Applications: These containers are commonly used in kitchens, pantries, or offices. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including food storage, carrying lunches, organizing spices, or storing materials for projects.
Special washable and Food Compatible
Our product can be designed to be detachable and specially solvable with IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology. Food safety and quality is our priority; Therefore, the rectangular container was produced from food-grade polypropylene (PP).
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