DKK750: 26oz Tamper Evindent Plastic Container with Lid

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Wholesale Take Out Bento Lunch Box

The wholesale 26oz Rectangular Bento Box is a versatile and practical container for storing and transporting a wide range of food items. The bento box deli container is made of durable plastic material that is resistant to cracking and breaking, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. The rectangular shape of the bento box allows for efficient stacking and storage, making it a practical choice for commercial and bulk food storage. The bento box has a capacity of 26 ounces, making it suitable for medium to large servings of food. The bento box is divided into multiple compartments, allowing you to store and transport a variety of different food items in a single container. The compartments are also leak-resistant, helping to prevent spills and messes during transportation. The bento box comes with a matching lid that fits securely, helping to keep the contents fresh and prevent spills and leaks. The lid is easy to remove and replace, making it convenient to access the contents of the bento box. This wholesale 26oz Rectangular Bento Box is a versatile and practical choice for storing and transporting food, and it is available in bulk quantities. Divan Packaging LLC is able to customize the printing on the container and its lid as per his customer’s IML artwork.

This solution is still sturdy with very low tamperatures such as -40°C.

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