CV95500S: 16 oz Plastic Tumblers with Dome Lid

CV95500S is a round shaped cup and dome lid with a volume of 16oz produced by injection method.
Introducing our 16 oz Plastic Tumblers with Dome Lid – the perfect addition to any event or business looking for a customizable and high-quality drinkware solution. These clear, hard plastic tumblers are the ideal vessel for a variety of drinks, from milkshakes and wine to lattes and mugs.
At 16 oz, these cup are the perfect size for a variety of drinks, making them a versatile choice for any occasion. Whether you’re using them for a wedding or corporate event, these custom printed tumblers will add a professional and branded touch to your beverage service. You can easily print your logo or design on these tumblers, making them an effective marketing tool for your business or event.
As Divan Packaging, we can customize the printing on the cup and lid according to the Label Design of our customers.
This product maintains its strength even at very low temperatures such as -40°C.
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